Training an Airedale can be a very interesting and rewarding experience.  It can also be a bit challenging at times.  But, in the long run, the rewards far exceed the challenges.


   Over the years, I have found that creativity is essential when training a highly intelligent dog. Motivation is the big ingredient in successfully training an Airedale.  The reward must be worth it for the dog.  You have to make the dogs think it is their idea.


    That is where Clicker Training comes in.
I started with the old yank-and-pull method, forcing the dog into a Sit or a Down.  I got results, but I also got a dog that didn’t like doing anything I forced on him.  My friend and fellow breeder, Corally Burmaster introduced me to Clicker Training, first created by Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes and was originally used to train dolphins


This training method gets dogs to use their brains.  When dogs understand the behavior you are looking for, they want to train and work for you.  Better results are achieved with happy, willing dogs any day, as compared those you have to force to do behaviors.    With Clicker Training, the dogs are very motivated to work, and think they are making you click by their actions, and yes, they are! They are in charge.  The result is a game, “The Clicker Game.”

Dianna and Wish(4 Months Old)

Ch. Kyna's Too Good To Be True

Giving a Clicker Demo.



Tom Smith and Kynas's Freeze Frame, known as "Chauncey" playing "Off Lead Heal" at 4 months old.

"Gary Wilkes"

Karen Pryor"

Clicker training information.

"Corally Burmaster"


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