The Airedale is known as “ The King of Terriers.” Sometimes it is more like “The Clown of Terriers.” This breed (remember, they are half Otterhound) has a great sense of humor and such intelligence that they are a breed apart and are not a breed for everyone.


   They are so smart people sometimes label them as stubborn. This is not the case. They get bored easily and feel it is unnecessary to do repetitive work. Airedales need a big enough reward to accomplish the task before them. Therefore, training an Airedale is a bit of a challenge. But if you have the patience to train and work with one, you have a great family member for life. And that is the point -- family member. You are not getting a car, sofa, or other inanimate object. This is a member of your family, who depends on you for love, care, and training.


    I discovered Airedales in the late 70s while living in Alaska. I saw one in the back of a truck. He had a wooly coat and looked like a big teddy bear. I started researching the breed and found my first one from a newspaper ad. She was a wonderful dog and we were hooked. I bought my next one from a kennel with working and show lines. The lady who sold her to me said that if I ever wanted to do Obedience or show her, she would help me. So it began.


   I started in Obedience and later decided to try the show ring. The rest is history. I have 40 champions from my kennel, 38 of which were finished by me and the other 2 were finished by their owners. Twenty-five were homebred champions I also have the first ever USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) titled Airedale in the country and several with Agility or Obedience titles. I organized the Airedale Terrier Club of America Agility Committee in 1998 and  served as Chairperson for 13 years.


   Many Airedales do well in Agility. It is a nice change from the conformation ring and builds confidence in young dogs. I love the sport!

   If you feel that an Airedale is right for you, then you need to meet the breed in person. You can find a reputable breeder in your area through the ATCA website; http://www.airedale.org. Go visit breeders and find out more about this wonderful breed of dog.


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