What fun to see Airedales and Agility! !  Some Airedales love Agility and are wonderful in it.  Then I have some that look at me and seem to say, “You want me to jump that obstacle, why??”


   I will pick the puppy with the higher energy level, good structure and independence.   Certain body types are better at jumping than others.  Jumping is a big part of Agility, so I want a dog with the right structure for this sport.  Dogs with better angulation both front and rear will have better ability to jump.


A straighter dog is generally not going to clear a jump as easily, because there is not the same amount of propulsion forward and ease of landing as with the more angulated dog. Additionally, straighter dogs are not likely to be as fast.    It is attitude, drive, brains and structure that I look for in an Agility dog.

    There are several organizations that sponsor Agility Trials.  Each differs slightly from the others in the rules and classes offered.  Below is a list with links for some of these organizations.  Some people choose one or another organization to trial.  Some people do all.  I compete in USDAA and AKC Trials.  Research and see which is/are best for you.

USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association http://www.usdaa.com
AKC - American Kennel Club. http://www.akc.org/events/agility/index.cfm
Ch. Kyna's Cover Girl.

First USDAA Agility Titled
 Airedale in the USA.

Pictured Receiving Title.
NADA – North American Dog
Agility Council



"Tieg" in Action.

Ch. Kyna's Grand Style

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy


Kyna's Imperial Empress
Co-Owners Mike & Maryann Ivanowicz

Kasha working her magic

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